Teaching & Outreach


As a Graduate Student Instructor at University of California, Berkeley, I have taught field, lab, and discussion sections, developed learning activities, gave guest lectures, and mentored students on research projects.

I constantly try to improve my instructions, and I have participated in pedagogical programs, including:

  • Graduate Remote Instruction Innovation Fellows Program, Teaching & Resource Center, UC Berkeley
  • Bring out the Best in your Undergraduate Researchers: Teaching & Mentoring in Scientific Research Groups, Berkeley Undergraduate Research Evaluation Tools (BURET)–NSF-suopported orkshop series on undergraduate mentorship


Plant Physiological Ecology (IB151 & 151L)
Lab & Discussion
Graduate Student Instructor: Spring 2024

Biology and Geomorphology of Tropical Islands
(IB 158LF & ESPM C107)
Field & Lab
Graduate Student Instructor: Fall 2023
Course website

Paleobotany (IB 181L)
Graduate Student Instructor: Spring 2022

Evolution (IB 160)
Graduate Student Instructor: Fall 2019* & Fall 2020

*Awarded an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award for teaching

General Biology 1B (Bio1B)
Graduate Student Instructor: Fall 2018


Bay Area Scientists Inspiring students

Bay Area Scientists Inspiring Students (BASIS) is a Community Resources for Science (CRS) program connecting the Bay Area public elementary school students with scientists and engineers from UC Berkeley and local science-based companies. 

Working with Joshua Zimmt, Tanner Frank, and other graduate students from UC Museum of Paleontology and Department of Integrative Biology at Berkeley, we have delivered both virtual and in-person lessons on paleontology, climate, and evolutionary biodiversity. 

Check out our volunteer interview!

ACcess paleo

ACCESS Paleo (Advancing Community College Education and Student Success) is a collaborative program between the UC Museum of Paleontology and community college instructors, bringing engaging paleo- and geosciences labs to community college classrooms.

I’ve participated in creating and delivering in-person labs. and making online labs that allowed us to continue engaging with students during the pandemic, but also reach broader audience!

public engagement events

I enjoy participating in public engagement events. With UCMP members, we have brought fossils and engaged with the public at California Academy of Sciences Nightlife. Additionally, I have participated in regional NatureFest.